Residential Electrical Service

Electrician preparing cables for connection Contreras Electric Co in Sylmar, CA is your go to residential electrical contractor for all types of lighting installation, wiring and home electrical needs. We all depend on electricity for a wide variety of uses in our homes. From keeping our refrigerators running to lighting our way around the house, it is an essential part of our daily routines. We are equipped to deal with all types of residential electrical services safely and effectively. Trust us for all types of lighting installation service. Whether it’s outdoor lights for safety, bright light for work areas or dim lighting for living spaces, our electricians are qualified to install lighting throughout your home. Depend on our experience and expertise to complete any project on time.

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We do all types of residential electrical work. From lighting installation to wiring repair services, our technicians are qualified to do it all. Read some reviews from our satisfied customers to learn more about our service quality.